Talk at Innosys dialog event

As part of the Innosys dialog event “Künstliche Intelligenz im Mittelstand” (AI in small and medium-sized enterprises) on May 23, Dr. Marc Herrlich of the research department IML gave a talk with the title “Human-centered Interactive Machine Learning”. Therein, he addressed the special approach of Interactive Machine Learning (IML) and the connection to Explainable AI (XAI). Particular attention was paid to interface design and the consideration of “Human Factors” to actually realize the potential of Active Learning and IML. The rather traditional approach (longer iteration cycles) was compared to the IML approach, and present and future example topics from the IML Oldenburg location were presented. Subsequently, a vivid and productive discussion with the audience emerged. More than 100 representatives of the local science and economic sector attended the well-frequented event. Two live VR demos that were supervised by Bengt Lüers and Dr. Marc Herrlich were enthusiastically received as well.

Talk by Dr. Marc Herrlich